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    Yogi’s Choice Health Care

    Awaken nature’s natural healing patterns

    Eastern Wellness Meets Western Medical Practices
    For Complete MIND, body, spirit health.

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  • Integrity

    Integrate your health

    Bring deep healing patterns to the surface

    Our medical, alternative and yogic services
    offer something for all wellness goals.

    Our Services

  • Private Yoga

    Find Your Integrity

    heal, refine, strengthen, and protect

    Private yoga for expanding your current practice
    or finding a new one – No matter your condition.

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  • OMT

    Structure & Function

    Experience full-body alignment, full-body health

    Osteopathic Manipulation to help you feel better,
    sleep better, and stay more active and healthy.

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  • Sound Therapy Slider

    Slip into deep healing

    Audio-acoustic therapy with advanced technology

    Balance, optimize and harmonize the vibrational
    energy of all cells of your body.

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  • Phone Consultation

    Phone Consultation

    We offer free phone triage to help determine the priority of your need for medical attention based on the severity of your condition. Call or text Dr. Bloch anytime for medical advice if you believe you need immediate medical attention but don’t know what to do or where to go.

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  • General Practice

    General Practice

    Ever tried to have a conversation with your family doctor about the health of your Chakras? Ever wished your yoga teacher could keep you centered while he gives you stitches? Why segregate your health care when true integrative medicine is available with YCHC. Check-ups, preventative care, testing, and emergency care are all within reach with YCHC.

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  • Yoga Therapy

    Yoga Therapy

    Dr. Bloch is dedicated and enthusiastic to teach people new ways of working with their body to reduce pain, increase body awareness and enhance positive wellbeing. Through integration of proper body mechanics we can work to ensure optimum health, physicality and neural embodiment no matter what your experience level, or current state of health.

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  • Osteopathy


    Osteopathy’s central mission is treating the whole person and not just their symptoms because structure affects function. Every part of the body is linked to and affects every other part. Osteopathy uses hands-on therapy to diagnose, treat and prevent illness or injury. The goal is pain-free movement and overall health.

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  • Sound Healing

    Sound Healing

    Sound healing is an exciting new field of non-invasive alternative therapy in which low frequency sound and vibrations are induced into the body where they interact with tissues and reprogram our cellular biology.

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  • Alternative Therapy

    Alternative Therapy

    Fully integrative care means Dr. Bloch can include and integrate a variety of healing modalities from many traditions and cultures, including Cranial Sacral Therapy, Acupuncture, Nutritional Counseling, IV Therapy, and more.

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  • DOT Exams

    DOT Exams

    Only certain specially trained doctors can perform DOT exams and Dr. Bloch understands the regulations well. He has 10+ years of experience in the field, is among the first nationally registered providers and will provide all forms and paperwork necessary for you to get or maintain your commercial driving license.

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Our Mission

Yogi’s Choice Health Care is an
osteopathic integrative medical practice

We inspire personal health through integration of mind, body and spiritual practices.

We don’t stop at simply prescribing western medical “cures” for symptoms but instead seek the deep healing patterns that lay dormant within all of us, and bring those patterns to the surface.

Our intention to find easily attainable and inexpensive resources by which one may heal or find greater health within their own communities.

About us

Dr. Bloch

Dr. Bloch

East-To-West Wellness Specialist

Dr. Jonathan Henry Bloch is a board certified Family Practitioner and Osteopathic medical doctor. He founded Yogi’s Choice Health Care as a full spectrum medical compliment to his western practice. His goal is to inspire better personal health through integration of mind, body and spiritual practices.

  • Peer rated by 5280 Magazine as one of Denver’s “Top Doctors”
  • Listed as a “World Leader in Healthcare”

More About Dr. Bloch

Past Patients

  • I have suffered for years with Bipolar disorder.
    The treatments you give me have helped me in ways I have not
    experienced in any other treatment plan ever.
  • Within 2-3 days after the treatment I could tell a major difference.
    My sleep improved greatly, no pain, and I was sleeping
    through the entire night.
  • Dr. Bloch brings that rare knowledge of western
    science based medicine with a holistic approach
    that is non invasive and effective.
  • When I got home I could tell my hip was feeling much better.
    Movement was easier and almost pain free.
    I had the best nights sleep since my hip started bothering me.
  • Intuitive, knowledgeable , relaxing
    and committed to healing the people that come to him.
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Lectures & Education

Individually tailored education in anatomy, physiology, chemistry, immunology, embryology, environmental or integrative medicine.

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Private Yoga Classes & Tune-Ups

One-on one sessions for people seeking a new practice, more ease to their current practice, greater protection of body and joints, or alleviating pain felt during asana.

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Group Therapy Yoga Classes

Therapeutic yoga classes to ensure optimum health, physicality and wellbeing no matter what your experience level or physical condition.

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Denver Healers Wanted*

Interested in building a co-operative
alternative health network?

*RYT-Certified Yoga Teachers with Alternative Health Experience only

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Yogi’s Choice Health Care


1633 Fillmore Street, Suite GL3
Denver, CO 80206

Park Hill Location Available on Request


House calls available upon request and otherwise by
appointment or phone consultation only.

Emergency Phone Triage: 24-7