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Dr. Jonathan Bloch, DO

Western doctor meets alternative approaches with a wealth of experience.

Dr. Jonathan Henry Bloch, DO has primarily worked in urgent care, occupational health and environmental medicine. As a “sports-doctor for the blue-collared”, his professional reputation and experience has grown throughout Denver from his expert treatment of injured employees. His background includes working with employees of the City and Counties of Denver and Aurora, Denver Public Schools, United Airlines, much of DIA and other industries throughout our city.


  • 5280 magazine’s “Top Doc” in occupational medicine
  • Listed as a “World Leader in Healthcare”
  • University of Colorado’s first graduate in Behavioral Neuroscience.

Denver Osteopathic Doctor Jonathon Henry Bloch for Yogi's Choice Health Care

“My Goal is to educate and bring out the best in people in a way that they can take care of themselves and I am no longer needed.” – Dr. Bloch

Dr. Bloch began studying alternative approaches to health-care during high-school, practicing Qigong and martial arts, and learning mindful meditation from his brother. He continued to cultivate an awareness of complementary alternative medical philosophies along side his western medical studies. He discovered yoga as means to satisfy his own personal physical and mental health needs. Dr. Bloch has completed the necessary yoga teacher requirements, 2x 200hrs, in the styles of Outlaw Yoga and Blissology.

Well respected by friends and cohorts for being humble, down-to-earth and approachable, Dr. Bloch worked his pre-physician life exclusively in the service industry from the time he was 15 to postgraduate. His college life was fun and exciting, taking time off to live several years in and around the Colorado Rockies. In 1997, he returned to school and forged his way into a new scientific field as the University of Colorado’s first graduate in Behavioral Neuroscience.

Dr. Bloch continues to live his life as that of a proud father, friend, doctor, yogi and teacher. His experience is a wonderful resource that can provide invaluable contributions to your health, body and yoga practice.

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