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Healers Wanted in Denver

We are creating Colorado’s first network of billable alternative medical practitioners

Dr. Bloch would be crazy if he said he could go about this alone. Truly offering integrative care means partnering with a variety of healers to offer each other’s patients the most diverse and holistic health experience possible. By joining forces with other yogi/healer hybrids, YCHC will begin by offering group therapy classes and grow into a full integrative network.

Are you interested in expanding the possibilities for the health of your clients?

We’re currently looking for health experts
with the following certification:

Must have both or plan to in the near future.

RYT 200+

RYT 200+

Your teacher training certification and expertise will help us integrate your unique healing practice into accessible yoga classes for the Denver Metro area

Healing Arts

Healing Arts

Looking for healers certified in: ayurveda, psychotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, energy sciences, herbology, exercise physiology, and more.

Stage One: Co-taught yoga classes with a medicinal twist

In the big picture, the medical classes will pair dharma to a particular medical theme of the class, separate classes for depression or anxiety, nutrition or metabolic counseling, neural integration for stroke recovery vs. stamina and strengthening for cardiac recover, etc…

Ideally, you queue the asana for a flow that you and Dr. Bloch collaborate together on, and also add your own best practices for observation of patients taking the class. By co-leading classes in this format, Dr. Bloch is free and present to do all medical oversight and observation, osteopathic adjustments, safety assurance and provide the preventive health lessons of each class. Dr. Bloch will also need to provide all medical documentation required for billing in easy language that encompasses all elements of the medical service, and work with the insurance companies through a hired professional biller. Participating medical yoga instructors will receive compensation with their advanced expertise in mind.

Stage Two: Widespread Insurance Coverage for Integrative Medical Services

We are currently in the process of procuring coverage with a wide variety of insurance providers. Once this is complete, we will build a fully integrative multiple practitioner medical practice that will allow you to consult and treat the patients under your particular area of excellence and certification. Yogi’s Choice Health Care is ideally looking for 4 to 5 care-providers that can work independently and consult in one of the following areas: areas of Ayurveda, psychotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, energy sciences, herbology, exercise physiology, etc.

Workshops or an introductory prerequisite office visit with Dr. Bloch will serve to accommodate new patient evaluations, teach new patients about yoga, our offerings and best classes for pairing to their own individual health needs. The goal would be to release patients to the general yoga community, classes and own payment once proficient and independent beyond their immediate health needs. This model offers a rare and life-changing opportunity towards health for people who would otherwise believe they can’t do yoga for health reasons (those who need it most) while at the same time provide long-term economic benefits to their health insurance carriers.

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