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Fully integrative, accessible medicine for all health and wellness goals.

Yogi’s Choice Health Care is a full spectrum Denver-based medical practice that inspires personal health through integration of mind, body and spiritual practices. We don’t stop at simply prescribing western medical “cures” for symptoms but instead seek the deep healing patterns that lay dormant within all of us, and bring those patterns to the surface. Our intention is to provide easily attainable and inexpensive resources by which one may heal or find greater health within their own communities.

Whether your condition requires traditional western cures such as antibiotics and blood tests or could benefit from eastern practices of acupressure or sound healing, or of integrative care such as Osteopathic adjustments, Yogi’s Choice Health Care has you covered.

Yogi’s Choice Health Care LLC was founded with the approach to developing a complete alternative health care network of yogic, Ayurvedic, Reiki, nutritional, audio-acoustic, regenerative and other like minded health-practitioners that can be recognized under standard medicare and workers’ compensation based treatment.

We offer private and group sessions that integrate health and combine yoga as therapy, emphasizing mindfully simple yet powerful movements oriented to integrate proper body mechanics to ensure optimum health, physicality and embodiment of feelings no matter what your experience level or healing physical condition.

Our systems of health care pick up where most traditional systems are often limited. Whether you’re in pain, injured, depressed, in organic disease, just looking for healthier living, etc., we welcome you to join our practice.

Denver Healers Wanted*

Interested in building a co-operative
alternative health network?

*RYT-Certified Yoga Teachers with Alternative Health Experience only

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Yogi’s Choice Health Care


1633 Fillmore Street, Suite GL3
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