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Past patient’s of Yogi’s Choice Health Care share their experiences

Our goal is to set our patients up with the tools to succeed on their own, not to keep them on treatment plans indefinitely. This drives us to not only heal but educate, to not only treat the symptom but the entire patient. We’re honored to receive incredible testimonials from our patients every day.

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I recently went to see Dr Jon at his practice in an effort to find pain relief from spinal issues due to obesity in my childhood and teens, I’m now 31. I have a forward curvature to my spine known as Kyphosis. It creates great pain in my lower back and there are chiropractors who refused to even touch my back do to nature of the pain and severe curve.

Dr Jon offered me several treatments including spinal adjustment, acupuncture, as well as complete body sound healing. During the spinal adjustment Dr Jon quickly pinpointed the direct spot where I feel the most pain. Within 2-3 days after the treatment I could tell a major difference. My sleep improved greatly, no pain, and I was sleeping through the entire night. I would highly recommend Dr Jon and Yogi’s Choice Health Care if your looking to improve flexibility, reduce pain, and overall increase your quality of life.

Dr Jon includes all aspects of the body in his treatment leading to increased mobility throughout the entire body, not just the areas currently experiencing pain.

JD, Doctor of Chinese Medicine

I first met Dr. Jonathan Bloch at a Yoga seminar. I had been suffering with low back and hip pain for about 8 months and I was looking for a non-invasive solution. As a Dr. of Chinese medicine I know how to take care of myself but I was still having some issues with hip pain. (I would later find through X-ray that I have arthritis and bone spurs in my hip).

Dr. Bloch went over some of the anatomy of the low back, hip and Psoas muscles. I was impressed with his knowledge and spoke with him after the seminar. I had been wanting to see an osteopath for a while but most of the ones I met did not do manual manipulation. I was quite happy to find out that spinal and soft tissue manipulation is a large part of his practice as well as other modalities. I set up an appointment not sure exactly what to expect.

Dr. Bloch worked on me for about an hour that first visit adjusting my spine, joints and muscles. When I got home I could tell my hip was feeling much better. Movement was easier and almost pain free. I had the best nights sleep since my hip started bothering me. I have seen Dr. Bloch several times since and I have always been impressed with his knowledge, bedside manner, and hands on skill. Dr. Bloch brings that rare knowledge of western science based medicine with a holistic approach that is non invasive and effective.

I highly recommend Dr. Bloch for any health conditions.


I am writing today to express my gratitude in your helping me via all your wonderful treatment plans and directives, all the while being absent of prescription drugs.

I feel as though I am simply enhancing my bodies existing sensoria’s to expel that which ails me. I appreciate the way you first listen to my concerns and the treatments you give me have helped me in ways I have not experienced in any other treatment plan ever.

Thank you for your part in the success of my health.



Dr. Jonathan Bloch embodies both humility and compassion in all that he does. During my treatment I felt secure and cared for. He treated my body from the prospective of totality so that he could target the ultimate root cause of my pain rather than temporarily easing the symptoms. I would highly recommend receiving treatment from Dr. Bloch and would encourage you to spend any time you can with this incredibly special individual.


Jonathan Henry Bloch is one amazing healer.
Intuitive, knowledgeable, relaxing and committed to healing the people that come to him.

Today I had one amazing experience that I will forever be grateful for. Not only did this amazing light worker help me through layers of pain and energetic blockage but his partner Carrie performed Reiki that has solidified my interest in learning the art to help other people along my path.

The healers facilitate the space for the dis-ease soul to heal its natural order. Forever grateful for you both.

If you value your health, check him out and take control of your destiny; mind, body and spirit.


Thanks for the treatment – I just went to the gym and my benchpress was up 40% higher than it has been in the last two years – nothing else I can think to attribute it to other than our session together… Grateful for you!

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