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Urgent Medical Advice

Free phone triage to determine if and where you should seek medical attention.

This means you can try calling or texting Dr. Bloch anytime for medical advice if you believe you need immediate medical attention but don’t know what to do or where to go. You may be surprised to learn your problem can be handled completely over the phone.

The most important and difficult decisions are often made during the early stages of an incident, and most patients don’t realize that outcomes depend heavily on how these initial decisions are handled.

Emergency Phone Triage

Enjoy a free 15 minute phone or text conversation, ideal for emergencies or quick questions.

Phone Consultation

Longer questions can be answered in a 30 minute, $75 phone consultation.

Questions Dr. Bloch can Answer

  • Where to begin?
  • What could be going on and how severe (or minor) could it really be?
  • What type of care might I need?
  • What are my treatment options?
  • Where might I go and what type of treatment or tests should I expect?
  • Will I find a caring, well-trained and competent doctor?
  • How can I try to stabilize this myself and can it improve on it’s own?
  • What are non-western medical options?
  • What is my time frame?

You may be overwhelmed by the scope of your experience, distracted of your typical common sense and think to just rush to the nearest emergency department, however recent studies show that many acute problems can be dealt with on the phone. It takes an experienced practitioner like Dr. Bloch to establish information as to the nature of the problem, severity, duration, particular concerns, your ability to individually cope in your current surroundings, etc. If Dr. Bloch can’t help you, either over the phone or in person to stabilize the problem immediately, his knowledge base of Denver as well as its surrounding facilities and medical providers assures you will be directed to the best most appropriate and cost-effective facility for your issue.

The number of patients in general practice is rising and the nature of healthcare is increasingly more complex. It is not surprising that many find it difficult to find easy access to medical providers capable of meeting their desires for timely responses to their requests for adequate care and information. This is where YCHC differs and telephone triage & consultation aims to improve your access to care whether it becomes an issue for us or not. The purpose of triage is simple, to assure you are referred to an appropriate clinician for appropriate care within an appropriate time period.

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