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Vibro-Acoustic Technology

Modern scientists and the Bible itself agree –
The initial spark of creation was a sound or vibration

Just like marching bands fire one up or a mother’s lullaby soothes a baby, intentional delivery of the right sounds and frequencies can align a person with vibrations that foster health, happiness and balance.

What is sound healing?

Sound healing is an exciting new field of non-invasive alternative therapy in which low frequency sound and vibrations are induced into the body where they interact with our biological tissues and cells with the ability to reprogram our cellular biology. Sound healing finds its premise in the idea that illness or disease is brought about by blockage in our energetic channels on some level. As already alluded to, existence is the product of energy that exists in the space between all matter, down to our atoms, and molecules have unique structure that functions best when attuned to its own optimum energetic frequency. Thus when energy is blocked, our organs and tissues stop vibrating at their optimum frequencies and dysfunction occurs.

Chanting sacred mantras such as “OM” are among the earliest examples of humans using sound to change a person’s biology or psychology, and even the Bible and modern scientists agree that the initial spark of creation was some form of sound or vibration, either in the form of a big bang or the the spoken word “god” which was then made flesh”.

Useful for:

  • Tissue healing
  • Meditation
  • Subconscious reprogramming
  • Depression
  • Self-esteem
  • Optimal human performance coaching
  • Memory and cognitive training rehabilitation
  • Creativity activation
  • Addiction recovery
  • Emotional balancing
  • Trauma release
  • Spiritual ascension
  • Goal setting and wealth generation


The Sound Lounge

Yogi’s Choice Health Care achieves sound healing via a vibroacoustic technology we call The Sound Lounge. The sound lounge is like a chaise-lounge that delivers vibration and sound into your body through tactile transducers and headphones. It relaxes the body and soothes the mind by way advanced music theory, mathematical ratios and physiological frequencies that deliver “natural frequencies” with the specific intent of balancing, optimizing and harmonizing the vibrational energy of all cells of your body, organs, brain, central nervous system and chakras.

Our Sound lounge has been custom retrofitted with the most powerful and versatile traducers available on the world market. It delivers 1000W of smooth tactical transduction and offers the largest range of frequencies available, all the way down to 5Hz, which means it literally goes subsonic or beyond your biological capacity for sensation and hearing.

Our Music

We utilize specially-composed music that combines advanced music theory, brainwave frequencies, sacred geometry and physiological frequencies. These frequencies create a balance in the body and influence a variety of physiological processes.

What to expect

Treatments range from 7 to 40+ minutes. You can expect to reach deep states of consciousness and physical relaxation quickly, and the body will go through noticeable changes as it responds to deeper and deeper states of rest. Potent internal perceptions and alertness may be experienced as treatments bring upon on the same kind of brain state as meditation.

Muscles lose tension, metabolism slows, breathing and heart rate decrease, blood pressure falls, brain-waves slip into patterns consistent with sleep, the body absorbs the sounds and vibrations into its tissues and more easily repairs dis-ease instead of responding to outside concerns.

After treatment there are feelings of mental freshness and rest that carries with you. Just as mediation helps us control our emotional responses better, sound vibrations helps us be more internally aware, present in the moment and more connected with our surroundings.

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