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Group Therapy Yoga

Group yoga classes partnered with advanced healing techniques

Dr. Bloch offers public yoga classes as group medical therapy for anyone suffering from stiff arthritic hips to major injuries or cardiac and other organic illnesses. Classes are medically oriented using western physiologic and anatomical sciences that build upon the ancient wisdom of yoga in order for people to have the most meaningful health experience.

Areas of Focus Include:

  • preventive health
  • aging conditions
  • obesity
  • anxiety or depression
  • injury recovery
  • stroke and cardiac rehabilitation
  • and so much more…

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Dr. Bloch co-leads classes with other seasoned and certified Yoga Alliance instructors who also have their own unique healthcare training certificates such as psychologic counseling, exercise physiology, skilled nursing, nutrition, Ayurveda, energy sciences, etc. The additional yoga instructor is required to queue the poses and flow while also enhance best practices for observation. By co-leading classes in this format, Dr. Bloch is free and present to do all medical oversight and observation, osteopathic adjustments, safety assurance and provide the preventive health lessons of each class.

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The Future of Insured Yoga

We are currently working with insurance companies to be able to bring these classes to you as a health care benefit in the near future. Yoga is already an accepted treatment within many medical guidelines, and is recommended as an option for self-motivated patients. The health benefits of a regular practice are well documented and a growing body of research is showing that that mindful practices like yoga and medication are inexpensive relative to the cost of standard medical care, and effective for treating physical and mental health problems ranging from heart disease to depression; people who do yoga are up to 43% less likely to visit a doctor for any reason.

We’ll draw from the best of all yoga styles to provide what will be most effective for any individual patient. Dr. Bloch will also provide all medical documentation required for billing in easy language that encompasses all elements of the medical service, and work with the insurance companies through a hired professional biller.

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